About the Tour

This year’s tour will require a donation which will include:

  • coach hire
  • drinks
  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • a Ballies branded gift such as a jacket or jersey
  • entertainment
  • food and drinks for spouse on the stationary tour at Crossways
  • entrance to the Ballies gazebo at the game (includes food and drinks)


Zoo Lake (Moyo parking) @ 05h30 to depart Zoo Lake 06h00 sharp


Pavilion Shopping Centre @ 06h00 to depart Pavilion at 06h30 sharp

Arrive at the Hilton off ramp @ 06h40 and depart Hilton latest 06h50 sharp

All Coaches

Estimated time of arrival at Green Lantern, Van Reenen 10h00 for breakfast, estimated departure 11h00

Estimate time of arrival at St. Yves 13h30 for lunch, estimated departure 16h00

Arrival at Crossways and join the stationary tour estimated time 16h30

Donations (as a NPC we can not charge fees and hence rely on donations)


(includes spouse at stationary tour)


(under 21’s or still studying)

Stationary Tour

(Single Lady only)

 Donations R 2 150 R1 050 R 1 250

Ballies & Pups includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Drinks, your Ballies gift and Ballies gazebo pass at the game!!!

Stationary Tour includes: Snacks, Drinks, Entertainment upstairs @ Crossways, Ballies gift and Ballies gazebo pass at the game!!!